"Free" Things

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  • Torrents

    In order to download torrents it's a good idea to first understand what they are. A torrent is not a link to a download but instead a file that contains links in the form of meta-data to the download. The difference being that instead of copying data from once source a torrent is the link that sends data from many sources. Before you begin downloading torrents you'll first need to get some software such as Qbit Torrent or uTorrent. The next step is to visit a torrent search engine website, some popular sites include: Rarbg The Pirate Bay and Yify

    What to watch out for

    Since torrent sites generally don't attract many advertisers for obvious reasons, expect to see plenty of adult ads when visiting them (adult sites will advertise anywhere there is high traffic). Also expect plenty of popups which you'll need to close and periodically refresh some torrent search pages to get past. It's also a good idea to set your Max upload speed (the speed you're going to let peers download copies of the pieces of the torrent your downloading "While you're downloading it" to a minimum. Throttling your max upload speed back to 1kb per second might not help others but it can improve your download speed and can be done directly in the settings of your Torrent Browser.

    How to locate "good" torrents

    Each site will display both Seeders and Leechers next to each torrent list showing how many people are sharing the torrent (Seeds) and how many people are downloading it (Peers). Torrents with a high number of seeds usually download relatively quick while torrents with a high number of peers usually are good quality torrents. Some sites offer only torrent file downloads (download and then open with torrent browser to download) while others have magnet links (link to open torrent directly in torrent browser). After your file is completely downloaded it's a good idea to delete the .torrent file (if you didn't use a magnet link) from your filesystem to ensure others are still able to use it/you as a peer.

    Final Steps

    If your mostly interested in downloading films then the next issue in your home entertainment setup will be getting your files to play on your TV instead of your PC. To do this either copy the video files to a USB stick to insert into your television (change source to USB to access) or install a media server on your PC like Plex. Which can then be used to organize your films and broadcast/transcode them to be viewable on a variety of devices such as a Playstation, Xbox, or Roku.

  • Music **PLEASE NOTE: This Section is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS** Youtube download

  • software **PLEASE NOTE: This Section is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS** (for games - etc download software from torrents) key gens serials windows 10 key trick portable apps -adobe versions (list good free software) hosts file windows anti virus bs - instead use what? - free - Ccleaner - paid = acronis fonts https://www.dafont.com/

  • Books **PLEASE NOTE: This Section is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS** ebooks https://www.gutenberg.org/ CBR Comic Books https://libgen.lc/comics/

  • If you have questions feel welcome to contact me.